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What is The Next Step Virtual Marathon?

The Next Step is Focus Ireland’s first ever Virtual Marathon supported by MyLife, Irish Life’s health & wellbeing app.

You will have 30 days to complete 26.2 miles, whenever and wherever you want. All you need to do is track your steps, jogs or runs and reach the total distance by the end of the month. Whether it takes you 4 hours, 4 days or 4 weeks - you decide the pace and you decide the place!

Throughout your Next Step journey, you will fundraise for Focus Ireland and ask your friends, family and colleagues to support you in completing the challenge. Funds raised from the Next Step will help the many families and children living in homelessness in Ireland today. We in Focus Ireland, believe emergency accommodation is no place for a child to be brought up. We need your support to help move families and children out of homelessness forever.

Can I still complete this challenge during the Covid 19 pandemic?

Yes - The Next Step is a personal 30-day fitness challenge which can be done alone or with a member of your own household. It’s important that you follow the government and HSE guidelines and keep a 2-meter distance from other people while you are outside doing your walk, jog or run. Please find the guidelines HERE.

While you are getting active, you will be helping to raise vital funds and make a real difference to people experiencing homelessness who are among the most vulnerable during the Covid 19 pandemic.

Where do I complete my walk / jog / run?

The Next Step is a Virtual Marathon which can be completed wherever you want. If you love walk the dog in the park in the evening, or if you run 5km on a Saturday morning all you need to do is track your distance and finish the 26.2 mile distance in 30 days - you decide the place and you decide the pace!

What do I need to do to take part?

1. Register HERE now!
2. Fundraise by asking your family, friends and colleagues to support you to complete the challenge.
3. Track your kilometres by connecting your fundraising page to Strava, Map My Fitness or you can input your kilometres yourself on your page. You can also log your kilometres using the Irish Life MyLife app to unlock points and get rewards and then manually add your distance on your fundraising page

Do I need to pay a registration fee?

No – it is free to take part in Focus Ireland’s The Next Step. You will just need to register HERE.

Do I need to run the marathon?

No - you can walk or jog the 26.2 mile distance of a marathon by the end of the April to complete the challenge. Whatever works for you!

Can we complete The Next Step challenge as a team?

Yes, you can complete the challenge as a team with your friends, family or colleagues! When you register you just need to create a new team or join one if it has already been set up.

How do I create a team for The Next Step?

If you are the person setting up a team, please follow these steps:

1. Register HERE for the event and follow the steps to create your own fundraising page

2. Once you have registered you will then see a ‘create team’ option

3. Choose a team name or company name for the group

4. Well done – your team is now created! You can use the ‘Invite Members’ button to ask your teammates to join your team.

How do I join a company fundraising group if one has already been created?

If the company group has been set up, you will just need to select your company when you are registering for the event. Just find your company in the dropdown under the section ‘Do you want to join a company fundraising group?

Don’t worry if your company does not appear. You can always select that you are participating as an individual and join a company at a later stage!

How do I set up my online fundraising page?

Your fundraising page will automatically be created with Everydayhero when you register for the event.

What is Everydayhero?

Everydayhero is the online fundraising platform supporting Focus Ireland’s The Next Step Virtual Marathon. Using Everydayhero is safe and secure and your fundraising page will automatically be generated when you register for the event.

Do you have ideas and tips on how to fundraise for The Next Step?

Yes – you can download a fundraising guide HERE.

How do my friends, family or colleagues sponsor me?

The easiest way for your friends, family and colleagues to sponsor you is via the 'Give Now' button on your fundraising page. All funds will be automatically transferred to Focus Ireland.

If your supporters want to give an offline donation, they can choose from the below options:
1. You can lodge the funds they've donated online on your fundraising page. You will need to LOG IN to do this.
2. Call Focus Ireland on 018815984 to process the donation over the phone or receive our bank details for an electronic bank transfer.
3. Post a cheque to Focus Ireland, 9-12 High St, Christchurch Pl, The Liberties, Dublin, D08 E1W0. Please reference The Next Step on your cheque.

How do I track my walk / jog / run?

You can link your Strava, Fitbit or MapMyFitness account with your fundraising page to automatically record the kilometres you've completed. You can also manually add your distances to your page after your walk, jog or run by clicking the fitness button on your fundraising page.

You can also log your distance using the Irish Life MyLife app to unlock points and get rewards. You will then need to manually input your walk, jog or run to your fundraising page to keep your supporters updates on your progress

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